My company is filing for bankruptcy. What should I do?

The ACV-CSC trade union wants to help you out during these difficult times.

As an ACV-CSC member, you can expect adequate help and support from us when it comes to defending your rights. We will also take care of all administration regarding debt claims, we will process your application for unemployment benefits and make sure you receive payments through our unemployment benefit payment body.

How to benefit from our professional support? Just follow these easy steps:

1. Log in to ACV-CSC via this link

  • ACV-CSC will assist you in making a debt claim against your employer.
  • ACV-CSC will file an unemployment application for you with RVA-ONEm.
Once you have completed your registration, we will contact you to create your file. 

2. Register as soon as possible as a job seeker with your relevant public employment service

  • if you live in Flanders, go to the VDAB;
  • if you live in the Brussels-Capital Region, go to ACTIRIS;
  • if you live in Wallonia, go to the FOREM;
  • for the German-speaking Community, go to the ADG;

You must register with them within 8 days following the bankruptcy!

For more information about your situation, rights and obligations when your employer files for bankruptcy, visit our section here.


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